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  • Moodle problem with latest Firefox release (v37)

    The most recent FireFox update (v37) has rendered a few of our Evergreen sites inaccessible while using FireFox. If you are on this latest version of FireFox you may see a Secure Connection Failed page when you attempt to go to Moodle or any of the Banner Self-Service sites access via my.evergreen (e.g. Registration, Financial […] Wed 4/15 8:01 AM

  • Moodle Canvas WordPress (MooCanWord) update

    Evergreen is now in our last quarter of actively using Moodle as the primary web technology for academic offerings. Moving forward I thought it would be useful to layout how the transition has been going and what to expect over the next year and beyond. To date, there have been 20 academic programs that have made the move […] Mon 4/13 12:33 PM

  • Commons (discourse update)

    Commons updated to 1.2.0.beta2 mainly to sync with cas_sso plugin version 0.1.4 Wed 11/19 7:28 AM

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